Accuracy of Serum Leucine-Rich Alpha-2 Glycoprotein in Evaluating Endoscopic Disease Activity in Crohn’s Disease

Tatsuya Kawamura, Takeshi Yamamura, Masanao Nakamura, Keiko Maeda, Tsunaki Sawada, Eri Ishikawa, Tadashi Iida, Yasuyuki Mizutani, Takuya Ishikawa, Naomi Kakushima, Kazuhiro Furukawa, Eizaburo Ohno, Takashi Honda, Hiroki Kawashima, Masatoshi Ishigami

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Background: Mucosal healing, confirmed by endoscopic evaluation, is the long-term goal of treatment for Crohn’s disease (CD). Leucine-rich alpha-2 glycoprotein (LRG) is a new serum biomarker correlated with disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease. However, studies evaluating its relationship with CD, particularly in the context of small intestinal lesions, are scarce.The aim of this study was to investigate the accuracy of LRG in assessing endoscopic activity, especially remission, in patients with CD. Methods: Between July 2020 and March 2021, 72 patients with CD who underwent LRG testing and double-balloon endoscopy at the same time were included. Endoscopic activity was evaluated using the applied Simple Endoscopic Score for Crohn’s disease, including small intestine lesions.The relationship of LRG with clinical symptoms and endoscopic activity was assessed, and its predictive accuracy was evaluated. Results: Leucine-rich alpha-2 glycoprotein showed a significant positive correlation with endoscopic activity (r = 0.619, P < .001), even in patients with active lesions in the small intestine (r = 0.626, P < .001). Multivariate logistic regression revealed that LRG was the only factor associated with endoscopic remission. An LRG cutoff value of 8.9 μg/mL had a sensitivity of 93.3%; specificity of 83.3%; positive predictive value of 96.6%; negative predictive value of 71.4%; accuracy of 91.7%; and area under the curve of 0.904 for the prediction of endoscopic remission. Conclusions: Leucine-rich alpha-2 glycoprotein can be used in assessing endoscopic activity and is a reliable marker of endoscopic remission in CD patients. It can be an intermediate target in the treatment of CD.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)245-253
Number of pages9
JournalInflammatory Bowel Diseases
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 01-02-2023
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  • Gastroenterology


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