Annual peritoneal dialysis report 2014, the peritoneal dialysis registry

Ikuto Masakane, Takeshi Hasegawa, Satoshi Ogata, Naoki Kimata, Shigeru Nakai, Norio Hanafusa, Takayuki Hamano, Kenji Wakai, Atsushi Wada, Kosaku Nitta

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Background: Since 2009, the peritoneal dialysis (PD) registry has been carried out as part of Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy (JSDT) Renal Data Registry with the cooperation of Japanese Society for Peritoneal Dialysis. In this study, the current status of PD patients is reported on the basis of the results of the survey conducted at the end of 2014. Methods: The subjects were PD patients who lived in Japan and participated in the 2014 survey. Descriptive analysis was performed for various items including the current status of the combined use of PD and another dialysis modalities such as hemodialysis or hemodiafiltration, the method of exchanging PD fluid, the use of an automated peritoneal dialysis machine, and the incidences of peritonitis and catheter exit-site infection. Results: From the results of the facility survey in 2014, the number of PD patients was 9255, a decrease of 137 from that in 2013. Among the entire dialysis patient population, 2.9% were PD patients, a decrease of 0.1%. One thousand thirteen (21%) among them were on the combination therapy of PD and hemodialysis or hemodiafiltration. The mean incidence of peritonitis was 0.21 per patient per year in another expression as once per 57.1 patients per month. The mean incidence of catheter exit-site infection was 0.40 per patient per year in the other expression as once per 30.0 patients per month. Conclusions: The number of PD patients has been stable around 9000~10,000 in these 10 years. High percentage of the combination therapy of PD and other dialysis modality and the lower PD dialysis dose was a unique point of the current PD in Japan. The patient's and center's peritonitis rates were very low as around 0.2 per patient-year. PD registry clearly showed the current trends in PD in Japan which were a little different from those in other many countries. Trial registration: JSDT renal data registry was approved by the ethical committee of JSDT and registered in "University hospital Medical Information Network (UMIN) Clinical Trials Registry" as an approved number of UMIN000018641 in 2015.

Original languageEnglish
Article number21
JournalRenal Replacement Therapy
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 15-05-2017
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