Billroth-I Reconstruction with Overlap Anastomosis Using an EndoWrist Linear Stapler after Robotic Distal Gastrectomy

Masaki Ohi, Yuji Toiyama, Takashi Ichikawa, Takahito Kitajima, Hiroki Imaoka, Hiromi Yasuda, Yoshinaga Okugawa, Hiroyuki Fujikawa, Yoshiki Okita, Takeshi Yokoe, Junichiro Hiro, Masato Kusunoki

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Introduction: Robotic distal gastrectomy (RDG) is now thought to be less invasive than conventional laparoscopic distal gastrectomy (LDG) for gastric cancer. Although the delta-shaped anastomosis is an established, widely performed procedure for intracorporeal Billroth-I (B-I) gastroduodenostomy after LDG, it has some difficulties and is performed in the ischemic region of the duodenum. We therefore developed a novel overlap B-I gastroduodenostomy after RDG. Materials and Methods: We started using the da Vinci Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical, Sunnyvale, CA) for RDG in May 2017. The robotic overlap B-I reconstruction was performed via side-to-side anastomosis, as follows: Two small incisions were made, one on the greater curvature of the remnant stomach, 5 cm from the edge of the remnant gastric stump, and one on the superior edge of the anterior wall of the duodenal stump. A 45-mm EndoWrist linear stapler device (EWLS) loaded with a blue cartridge was inserted through the incision. After the remnant stomach and duodenum were attached to the V-shaped form by the EWLS, the incisions were closed by the EWLS. Results: Seven patients underwent RDG followed by a robotic overlap B-I procedure up to March 2019. Short-term outcomes were determined from medical records and operative videos. No intraoperative complications or conversions to open or conventional laparoscopic surgery occurred. The mean time for the anastomosis was 37 (range 29-45 minutes) minutes. No postoperative complications occurred following the robotic overlap B-I procedure. Discussion: RDG followed by an overlap B-I gastroduodenostomy might be feasible and safe. However, long-term follow-up is required to identify additional benefits.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1117-1121
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Laparoendoscopic and Advanced Surgical Techniques
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 10-2020
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