Clinical evaluation of cefuroxime axetil (CXM-AX) on acne pustulosa

Ritsuko Hayakawa, Kayoko Matsunaga, Mari Suzuki, Yasuko Ogino

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We performed clinical evaluation of cefuroxime axetil (CXM-AX) in 26 cases with acne pustulosa. Thirteen cases were treated with 1500mg/day CXM-AX and 13 cases with 750 mg/day CXM-AX. Out of 13 cases with 1500 mg/day, 5 cases were remarkably improved and 6 cases were improved. The efficacy rate of 1500mg/day group were 84.6%. Out of 13 cases with 750mg/day, 3 cases were remarkably improved, 9 cases were improved and one case was drop out because of her business. Except one case who was drop out from this trial, all cases with 750mg/day were improved. Adverse effects were observed in 2 cases of 1500mg/day group, both of them were gastrointestinal tract symptoms: gastric pain. The adverse events were disappeared shortly after the discontinuance of the drug. From the results of this clinical trial, we decided that 750mg/day of CXM-AX was enough and safe to treat acne pustulosa effectively.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)591-600
Number of pages10
Journalskin research
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1995
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  • Dermatology
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