Efficiency of laparoscopic-assisted renal biopsy

C. M. Anas, R. Hattori, Y. Morita, Y. Matsukawa, T. Komatsu, Y. Yoshino, S. Maruyama, Y. Yuzawa, S. Matsuo, M. Gotoh

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Background: This study was made to present our experience and results with transperitoneal laparoscopic-assisted renal biopsy (LARB) in Nagoya University Hospital as a good alternative for open renal biopsy. Methods: 21 patients (14 male, 7 female, mean age 58 years, range 21-83 years) were unsuitable for percutaneous renal biopsy. Therefore, they underwent laparoscopic-assisted renal biopsy. The kidney was approached transperitoneally via three ports, cortical tissue was obtained using a 16-gauge gun-mounted semiautomatic biopsy needle. Hemostasis was obtained by applying pressure on the renal puncture using gauze until bleeding had been stopped (range 5-20 min). Results: Adequate cortical tissue and accurate diagnoses were obtained in all patients. Mean operative time was 83 min (range 65 - 120 min) and mean estimated blood loss was 5.5 ml (range 1 - 10 ml). There were no intraoperative complications: no open conversion, blood transfusions or gross hematuria. All patients walked about freely and could tolerate regular food on the first postoperative day. The only postoperative complication was a hernia formation at the place of trocar insertion 3 months after the operation in one patient who previously underwent multiple surgery for 3 arterial grafts and appendicitis. Conclusions: LARB is a safe and accurate procedure for obtaining cortical biopsies with minimal blood loss. Although LARB remains a surgical procedure which requires general anesthesia, LARB to date may be considered as a good alternative to open renal biopsy for patients in whom a closed percutaneous approach is either a relative or absolute contraindication.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)203-209
Number of pages7
JournalClinical nephrology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 09-2008
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