Encyclopedia of EBV-encoded lytic genes: An update

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In addition to latent genes, lytic genes of EBV must also be of extreme significance since propagation of the virus can be achieved only through execution of lytic cycle. Research on EBV lytic genes may thus prevent spreading of the virus and alleviate disorders, such as infectious mononucleosis and oral hairy leukoplakia, which are highly associated with EBV lytic infection. Moreover, recent advancements have been demonstrating that at least several lytic genes are expressed to some extent even during latent state. It is also demonstrated now that upon de novo infection, EBV expresses lytic genes in addition to latent genes before establishment of latency (this phase is called “pre-latent abortive lytic state”). In those cases, lytic genes also play important roles in cell proliferation of EBV-positive cells. However, many lytic gene products have not been identified yet nor studied thoroughly, and even worse, some have been misidentified in the literature. Here, I would like to give a detailed up-to-date review on EBV lytic genes.

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