In memoriam: A memoir for our fallen "heroes"

Bipin Chaurasia, Harsh Deora, Nasser M.F. El-Ghandour, Nelson M. Oyesiku, Raushan Kumar Chaurasia, Michael Schulder, Jose Antonio Soriano Sanchez, Mario Teo, Juha Hernesniemi, Joseph Raynor Linzey, Theodore H. Schwartz, Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol, Michael Lawton, Giuseppe Umana, Jorge Mura, Andre Grotenhuis, Ajit K. Sinha, Henry W.S. Schroeder, Sabareesh Natarajan, Michael E. SughrueRobert F. Spetzler, Katharine Drummond, Rokuya Tanikawa, Paulo Abdo Do Seixo Kadri, Yoko Kato, Charles Teo, Ashish Suri, Tomasi SantinoOttavio Tomasi, Peter A. Winkler, Gianluca Scalia, Nicolas Sampron, Lukas Rasulic, Paolo Cappabianca, Marco M. Fontanella, Edward R. Laws

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Even though neurosurgeons exercise these enormous and versatile skills, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the fabrics of the global neurosurgical family, jeopardizing human lives, and forcing the entire world to be locked down. We stand on the shoulders of the giants and will not forget their examples and their teachings. We will work to the best of our ability to honor their memory. Professor Harvey Cushing said: "When to take great risks; when to withdraw in the face of unexpected difficulties; whether to force an attempted enucleation of a pathologically favorable tumor to its completion with the prospect of an operative fatality, or to abandon the procedure short of completeness with the certainty that aftermonths or years even greater risksmay have to be faced at a subsequent session-all these require surgical judgment which is a matter of long experience."It is up to us, therefore, to keep on the noble path that we have decided to undertake, to accumulate the surgical experience that these icons have shown us, the fruit of sacrifice and obstinacy. Our tribute goes to them; we will always remember their excellent work and their brilliant careers that will continue to enlighten all of us.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)854-856
Number of pages3
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 01-10-2020

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  • Clinical Neurology
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