Inhibitory effects of aloe carboxypeptidase fraction on streptozotocin-induced enhancement of vascular permeability in the pancreatic islets

H. Beppu, K. Shimpo, T. Chihara, I. Tamai, S. Nomoto-Yamaji, S. Ozaki, S. Ito, H. Kuzuya

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The protective actions of components isolated from Aloe arborescens Miller var. natalensis Berger (Kidachi aloe in Japanese) on streptozotocin (Sz)-induced necrosis of B cells in the pancreatic islets of the mouse were investigated to clarify its action mechanism involved in anti-diabetic effects. In this experiment, phenol low molecular weight components of aloin and aloin A that were anti-oxidants and derived from the leaf skin or pulp extract, an aloe carboxypeptidase fraction that is a inhibitor of enhanced vascular permeability and a glycoprotein component that decreases blood glucose were tested with mice precedently administered with Sz which is known as a cytotoxin specific to B cells. The results showed that the treatment group receiving Sz followed by the aloe carboxypeptidase fraction increased the inhibition of dye leakage by 75.8% (p<0.001) in the extract of whole pancreas in comparison to the control group and the aloe carboxypeptidase fraction group also increased the inhibition effect by 68.4% (p<0.001) in the extract of pancreatic islets as compared to the control group. The carboxypeptidase is an aloe-derived protease known to inhibit the acetic acid-related enhancement of intraperitoneal vascular permeability in mice. Further, the elevation of blood glucose in Sz-induced diabetic mice intraperitoneally given the aloe carboxypeptitase fraction was significantly (p<0.01-0.001) restrained at 3, 7 and 14 days after the injection as compared to the control group given solvent only. The results of this experiment suggested that the inhibitory effect on the enhancement of vascular permeability related to the vascular acute inflammatory response at Sz-induced lesions of pancreatic islets was involved in the action mechanism of this enzyme.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)49-60
Number of pages12
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 05-01-2006
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