MALT-type lymphoma of lacrimal gland: Case report

Masato Saka, Jun Morioka, Koji Kajiwara, Koichi Yoshikawa, Takayuki Amano, Hisashi Kubota, Sadahiro Nomura, Syoichi Kato, Masami Fujii, Hirosuke Fujisawa, Michiyasu Suzuki

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A 72-year-old female presented with a lump in the left superior-lateral eyelid. The magnetic resonance imaging showed a well-delineated mass in the left lacrimal gland. The tumor was isointense on both the T1 and T2 weighted images, and it was homogenously enhanced with Gd-DTPA. Surgery via the trans-cranial approach revealed a pinkish and elastic-hand tumor. Total resection was successfully performed. The hematoxilyn-eosin staining of the surgical specimen showed a dense infiltrate of lymphocytes, which were composed predominantly of small lymphocytes, centrocyte-like cells, monocytoid cells, and occasionally transformed lymphocytes. The immunohistochemical findings for CD20, CD3, UCHL-1, CD23, CD5, cyclinD1, and bcl-2 were compatible with Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue (MALT)-type lymphoma. The patient received local radiation therapy (30 Gy / 15 fractions). She remained in complete clinical remission of the disease about one and a half years after treatment.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)475-479
Number of pages5
JournalNeurological Surgery
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 01-05-2007
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  • Clinical Neurology

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    Saka, M., Morioka, J., Kajiwara, K., Yoshikawa, K., Amano, T., Kubota, H., Nomura, S., Kato, S., Fujii, M., Fujisawa, H., & Suzuki, M. (2007). MALT-type lymphoma of lacrimal gland: Case report. Neurological Surgery, 35(5), 475-479.