Multicentric infantile myofibromatosis in the cranium: Case report

Mitsuhiro Hasegawa, Shinya Kida, Tetsumori Yamashima, Junkoh Yamashita, Satoshi Takakuwa

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INFANTILE MYOFIBROMATOSIS IS a rare clinical entity characterized by multiple mesenchymal tumors in the neonatal period. We describe a 15-month-old girl with multicentric cranial lesions involving the parietal and occipital bones associated with a single small subcutaneous lesion in the back. Magnetic resonance imaging clearly demonstrated the isointense lesions on T1-, T2-, and proton density-weighted images, which showed marked gadolinium enhancement of the tumors and adjacent dura mater. A histological examination of the resected temporal lesion revealed the myofibroblastic nature of the tumor cells. This is the first description of magnetic resonance features of multicentric infantile myofibromatosis in the cranium, and gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance images were useful in showing dural involvement. The importance of recognizing this disorder is emphasized because of its special clinical behavior.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1200-1203
Number of pages4
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 06-1995
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  • Clinical Neurology


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