Non-uniform temperature distribution in the galaxy clusters 2A 0335 + 096 and Abell 496 observed by XMM-Newton

Takeshi Tanaka, Hideyo Kunieda, Murat Hudaverdi, Akihiro Furuzawa, Yuzuru Tawara

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We present the XMM-Newton results of the galaxy clusters 2A 0335 + 096 and A 496. From an investigation of 2-dimensional ICM profiles, we obtained new features related to dynamical activities in the ICM. In 2A 0335 + 096, we found a spiral cool tail around the central cold core, which is trailing from the opposite side of the cold front observed by Chandra. The deprojected temperature of the tail is 1.7 keV. The spiral feature apparently shows a turnaround motion of the core. We suggest that the cool tail feature represents evidence for turbulent viscous stripping of the remaining subcluster core. For A 496, we found another cold front 4′ south of the X-ray emission peak. From the pressure profile across the cold front, we derived an upper limit to the Mach number of a gas body of 0.2. Regarding the temperature distribution in the outer region, we found non-uniformity on the cluster scale for both clusters, which suggests that both clusters experienced a merger in the past. We argue that the gas dynamical motions seen in the central regions of both clusters can be attributed to the past merger.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)703-718
Number of pages16
JournalPublications of the Astronomical Society of Japan
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2006
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