Novel diet for patients with impaired mastication evaluated by consumption rate, nutrition intake, and questionnaire

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Objective: " iEat®" (EN Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.; study diet), a food product that resembles an ordinary meal in appearance but is cooked to soften, was compared with foods provided to patients with impaired mastication (modified traditional diet) to investigate the influence of the appearance of foods on the consumption rate, dietary nutrition intake, and satisfaction level. Methods: After serving the study participants the modified traditional diet on days 1 and 2, the study diet on days 3, 4, and 5, and the modified traditional diet on days 6 and 7, the consumption rates were measured by weight difference. The amounts of dietary nutrition intake were calculated from the consumption rates. Satisfaction levels were evaluated by a questionnaire completed by the participants and their health care professionals after each meal. Results: No significant difference in consumption rates was observed between the study diet and the modified traditional diet. The amounts of dietary nutrition intake of energy and protein were significantly higher for the study diet than for the modified traditional diet. The study diet showed higher satisfaction levels in terms of " appearance" when evaluated by the participants, and " joy of eating" and " overall satisfaction level" when evaluated by the health care professionals. Conclusion: The study diet has potential to become a new dietary option for patients with impaired mastication.

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