Predicted expansion of the claudin multigene family

Katsuhiko Mineta, Yasuko Yamamoto, Yuji Yamazaki, Hiroo Tanaka, Yukiyo Tada, Kuniaki Saito, Atsushi Tamura, Michihiro Igarashi, Toshinori Endo, Kosei Takeuchi, Sachiko Tsukita

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Claudins (Cldn) are essential membrane proteins of tight junctions (TJs), which form the paracellular permselective barrier. They are produced by a multi-gene family of 24 reported members in mouse and human. Based on a comprehensive search combined with phylogenetic analyses, we identified three novel claudins (claudin-25, -26, and -27). Quantitative RT-PCR revealed that the three novel claudins were expressed in a tissue- and/or developmental stage-dependent manner. Claudins-25 and -26, but not claudin-27, were immunofluorescently localized to TJs when exogenously expressed in cultured MDCK and Eph epithelial cell lines. These findings expand the claudin family to include at least 27 members. Structured summary: Claudin-25 and ZO-1 colocalize by fluorescence microscopy (View interaction) ZO-1 and Claudin-26 colocalize by fluorescence microscopy (View interaction)

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)606-612
Number of pages7
JournalFEBS Letters
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 18-02-2011
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