Rac1 is required for the formation of three germ layers during gastrulation

Kazuhiro Sugihara, Norio Nakatsuji, Kenji Nakamura, Kazuki Nakao, Ryuju Hashimoto, Hiroki Otani, Hiroyuki Sakagami, Hisatake Kondo, Shiro Nozawa, Atsu Aiba, Motoya Katsuki

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The Rac1, a member of the Rho family proteins, regulates actin organization of cytoskeleton and cell adhesion. We used genetic analysis to elucidate the role of Rac1 in mouse embryonic development. The rac1 deficient embryos showed numerous cell deaths in the space between the embryonic ectoderm and endoderm at the primitive streak stage. Investigation of the primary epiblast culture isolated from rac1 deficient embryos indicated that Rac1 is involved in lamellipodia formation, cell adhesion and cell migration in vivo. These results suggest that Rac1-mediated cell adhesion is essential for the formation of three germ layers during gastrulation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3427-3433
Number of pages7
Issue number26
Publication statusPublished - 31-12-1998
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