Review of the health-promoting effects of exercise and the involvement of myokines

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Exercise reduces the risk of obesity-based, lifestyle-related diseases, such as metabolic abnormalities and cardiovascular diseases. The present review covers the health-promoting effects of exercise from the point of view of the physiologically active factor myokine, which is secreted by skeletal muscle, and focuses on the skeletal muscle as a new endocrine organ. Myokines have various effects, such as preventing metabolic syndrome by breaking down fat, preventing diabetes by improving glucose metabolism, and preventing progression of arteriosclerosis, dementia, and osteoporosis by enhancing bone metabolism. These substances also stabilize blood pressure, prevent cancer, increase immunity against infections, and prevent the development of age-associated diseases. Myokines are secreted by skeletal muscle into blood vessels, allowing them to exert systemic endocrine effects in organs throughout the body. Myokines are involved in bodily homeostasis and adaptation to the environment, and function by a mechanism similar to that of the skeletal muscle mass regulatory mechanism. Determining the relationships between multiple organs and their biological significance is important for exercise and health research. Progress in this field is expected to result in the identification of pathological mechanisms of action, development of new drugs, evaluation of the effectiveness of biomarkers over a wide range, and future improvement in healthcare.

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Publication statusPublished - 2023

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