A Larger Membrane Area Increases Cytokine Removal in Polymethyl Methacrylate Hemofilters

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Blood purification is performed to control cytokines in critically ill patients. The relationship between the clearance (CL) and the membrane area during adsorption is not clear. We hypothesized that the CL increases with the hydrophobic area when hydrophobic binding contributes to cytokine adsorption. We investigated the relationship between the hemofilter membrane area and the CL of the high mobility group box 1 protein (HMGB-1) and interleukin-6 (IL-6). We performed experimental hemofiltration in vitro using polymethyl methacrylate membranes CH-1.8W (1.8 m2) and CH-1.0N (1.0 m2), as well as polysulfone membrane NV-18X (1.8 m2). After adding 100 mg of HMGB1 or 10 μg of IL-6 into the test solution, experimental hemofiltration was conducted for 360 min in a closed-loop circulation system, and the same amount of HMGB1 and IL-6 was added after 180 min. With CH-1.8W and CH-1.0N, both HMGB-1 and IL-6 showed a rapid concentration decrease of more than 70% at 180 min and 360 min after the re-addition. At 15 min, the CL of HMGB-1 was CH-1.8W: 28.4 and CH-1.0N: 19.8, and that of IL-6 was CH-1.8W: 41.1 and CH-1.0N: 25.4. CH-1.8W and CH-1.0N removed HMGB1 and IL-6 by adsorption and CH-1.8W was superior in CL, which increased with a greater membrane area.

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