A multicentre tobacco cessation intervention study in the dental setting in Japan

Tobacco Cessation Intervention Study for Oral Diseases

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Objective: The objective of this study was to assess the efficacy of a tobacco cessation intervention conducted by different dental specialists directed at a group of patients with tobacco-related oral diseases or undergoing implant treatment. Methods: The study design was a multicentre, nonrandomized prospective cohort study to examine the effects of smoking cessation. The target patients were current smokers (aged ≥20 years) with an oral potentially malignant disorder or periodontitis and those seeking dental implants. A total of 74 patients were enrolled in the study. All dental specialists who participated in the trial completed an e-learning Japan Smoking Cessation Training Outreach Project (J-STOP) tobacco cessation education programme. Nicotine dependence was evaluated by the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence. Cessation status was verified biochemically by measurement of salivary cotinine or exhaled carbon monoxide. Tobacco cessation intervention was implemented for 8 weeks with or without nicotine replacement therapy with follow-up for 12 months. Results: A total of 61 patients agreed to the tobacco cessation intervention. The mean biochemically confirmed tobacco abstinence rate was 37.7% at month 3, 34.4% at month 6, and 32.8% at month 12. The highest rate of biochemically confirmed tobacco abstinence at month 12 was among patients receiving implant treatment (42.9%) followed by patients with oral potentially malignant disorder (37.1%), and those with periodontitis (21.1%). Conclusion: This interventional study demonstrates the challenges encountered and the feasibility of tobacco cessation intervention among Japanese patients attending dental specialists who had completed an e-learning course on smoking cessation. Making tobacco cessation an integral part of patient management by dental specialists requires further evaluation.

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