A novel cell surface antigen involved in thymocyte and thymic epithelial cell adhesion

M. Kinebuchi, T. Ide, D. Lupin, T. Tamatani, M. Miyasaka, A. Matsuura, Y. Nagai, K. Kikuchi, T. Uede

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A murine mAb, 7D3, was produced by fusion of spleen cells obtained from mice immunized with a rat thymic epithelial cell line, Tu-D3 and NS/1 myeloma cells. 7D3 antibody reacted with approximately 95% thymocytes, 17% spleen cells, less than 9% of mesenteric lymph node cells and 32% of bone marrow cells of rat origin. 7D3 also reacted with two rat thymic epithelial cell lines but not with a rat fibroblastic cell line. Immunochemical analysis demonstrated that 7D3 antibody recognized a single polypeptide with molecular weight of 80,000 in FTE cells and 80,000 to 96,000 in thymocytes. 7D3 antibody strongly inhibited the thymocyte binding to thymic epithelial cells. In addition, 7D3 antibody inhibited TPA-induced thymocyte aggregation. 7D3 negative rat thymic lymphoma cells bound to 7D3 positive thymic epithelial cells and this binding was inhibited by 7D3 antibody, indicating that a part of thymocyte-thymic epithelial cell binding was mediated by the interaction of 7D3 Ag and undefined ligand to 7D3.

ジャーナルJournal of Immunology
出版ステータスPublished - 01-01-1991

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