A study of ADL outcome factors of elderly stroke patients over 85

Toru Sugiura, Hiroaki Sakurai, Yoshito Sugiura, Kenji Iwata, Keisuke Kimura, Kozue Sakamoto, Takafumi Matsumoto, Yoshikiyo Kanada

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[Purpose] We investigated the ADL outcomes necessary for very elderly stroke patients to be discharged to home from a recovery stage rehabilitation ward. [Subjects] The subjects were 71 stroke patients aged over 85 who were discharged to home, or a facility or long-term care. [Method] We divided the subjects into a Home group (n=41) and a Facility group (n=30), and compared the basic characteristics of the two groups and their FIM scores at discharge. We also performed logistic regression analysis on the each of the FIM scores, which were found to be significantly different, to determine the receiver operating curve and cut-off values. [Results] Age, time from stroke onset to entering the recovery ward, and transfer items were found to be significantly different between the two groups. The cut-off value of the FIM mobility items' score was 39. [Conclusion] As an additional ADL outcome, a FIM mobility items' total score below 39 at discharge indicates discharge to home would be a difficult situation for very elderly stroke patients.

ジャーナルRigakuryoho Kagaku
出版ステータスPublished - 2013

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