ABO Blood Group Genotype and Plasma von Willebrand Factor in Normal Individuals

Masayuki Shima, Yoshihiro Fujimura, Takayuki Nishiyama, Tomomi Tsujiuchi, Nobuhiro Narita, Taei Matsui, Koiti Titani, Masahiko Katayama, Fumi‐ichiro ‐i Yamamoto, Akira Yoshioka

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von Willebrand factor (vWF) is a multimeric plasma protein with ABO (H) blood group sugar chains. We investigated a total of 330 plasmas from normal individuals having various ABO genotypes, with special reference to vWF antigen and its platelet glycoprotein‐Ib‐related biological activities, termed ristocetin cofactor (RCof) and botrocetin cofactor (BCof). RCof reflects the biological activity of higher vWF multimers, while BCof reflects that of vWF of multimers of all sizes. Plasmas from normal individuals carrying one O gene (genotypes AO and BO) had slightly, but proportionally lower levels of vWF antigen, RCof, and BCof than those carrying no O gene (genotypes AA, AB, and BB). Normal plasmas from individuals carrying two O genes (genotype 00) showed much lower values for these parameters than the other plasmas, as previously reported. However, multimeric analysis of plasma vWF antigen revealed no differences among the different genotypes.

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