Associations of occupation, employment type and company size with actions related to health examinations among Japanese employees

Rumi Seko, Miyuki Kawado, Sayana Saito, Takuma Shibuya, Miho Miyamoto, Hiroya Yamada, Hiroshige Taniwaki, Shuji Hashimoto

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Taking action in response to health examination results is important to stay healthy. We aimed to investigate the associations between occupation, employment type and company size, and having a health examination and taking action in response to the results among Japanese employees. We focused on three particular actions by employees in response to health examination results: paying attention to one’s health, receiving health guidance, and visiting a medical institution. We used anonymous data from the 2010 Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions of Japan, a self-administered nationwide questionnaire survey. The data of 23,963 employees (12,938 male and 11,025 female) aged 20–64 yr were analyzed using logistic regression models adjusted by covariates. There were significant changes in odds ratios for receiving a health examination by occupation, employment type and company size. We found significant odds ratios for receiving health guidance by occupation and company size, but there was almost no significant association with paying attention to one’s health and visiting a medical institution. These results confirmed that receiving a health examination was associated with occupational factors, and suggested that receiving health guidance after health examination results was associated with occupation and company size.

ジャーナルIndustrial Health
出版物ステータスPublished - 01-01-2019


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