Clinical analysis of bronchoplastic surgery for lung cancer after 2000

Y. Matsumura, Y. Okada, Y. Hoshikawa, C. Endo, T. Sado, A. Sakurada, M. Noda, T. Sugawara, Y. Matsuda, T. Kondo

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We investigated surgical complications and prognosis of bronchoplasty and bronchoplasty with pulmonary angioplasty (broncho-angioplasty) for lung cancer. Between October 2000 and October 2007, 37 bronchoplastic procedures were done in 572 patients who underwent lung resections for lung cancer. Eleven (29.7%) bronchoplasties were done with pulmonary angioplasty. There was no operative mortality and 1 hospital mortality (2.7%) causing by myocardial infarction. Six of 11 postoperative complications were bronchial complications and 2 additional lung resections were needed. The 5-year survival for all patients was 55.2% and for bronchoplasty was 57.8%. Though the 5-year survival of broncho-angioplasty was not able to calculate at present, the 3-year survival of which was 72.9%. There was no death of patients with adenocarcinoma after introduction of pre-operative assessment by FDG-PET for lymph node metastasis. These data suggest that bronchoplasty and broncho-angioplasty are safe operative procedures and could provide acceptable intermediate survivals with modern multimodality diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

ジャーナルKyobu geka. The Japanese journal of thoracic surgery
出版ステータスPublished - 10-2008

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