Dosimetric response of a glass dosimeter in proton beams: LET-dependence and correction factor

Keisuke Yasui, Chihiro Omachi, Junya Nagata, Toshiyuki Toshito, Hidetoshi Shimizu, Takahiro Aoyama, Naoki Hayashi

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A radiophotoluminescent glass dosimeter (RGD) is widely used in postal audit system for photon beams in Japan. However, proton dosimetry in RGDs is scarcely used owing to a lack of clarity in their response to beam quality. In this study, we investigated RGD response to beam quality for establishing a suitable linear energy transfer (LET)-corrected dosimetry protocol in a therapeutic proton beam. The RGD response was compared with ionization chamber measurement for a 100–225 MeV passive proton beam. LET of the measurement points was calculated by the Monte Carlo method. An LET-correction factor, defined as a ratio between the non-corrected RGD dose and ionization chamber dose, of 1.226×(LET)-0.171 was derived for the RGD response. The magnitude of the LET-dependence of RGD increased with LET; for an LET of 8.2 keV/μm, the RGD under-response was up to 16%. The coefficient of determination, mean difference ± SD of non-corrected RGD dose, residual range-corrected RGD dose, and LET-corrected RGD dose to the ionization chamber are 0.923, 3.7 ± 4.2%, −2.4 ± 7.5%, and 0.04 ± 2.1%, respectively. The LET-corrected RGD dose was within 5% of the corresponding ionization chamber dose at all energies until 200 MeV, where it was 5.3% lower than the ionization chamber dose. A corrected LET-dependence of RGD using a correction factor based on a power function of LET and precise dosimetric verification close to the maximum LET were realized here. We further confirmed establishment of an accurate postal audit under various irradiation conditions.

ジャーナルPhysica Medica
出版ステータスPublished - 01-2021

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