Endovascular surgery for untreated ruptured aneurysm with symptomatic vasospasm

Asuka Morizane, Ichiro Nakahara, Nobuyuki Sakai, Hiroji Yanamoto, Yoshinori Akiyama, Hideki Sakai, Toshio Higashi, Shoubu Namura, Jun Takahashi, Junya Nishizaki, Jouji Kokuzawa, Hiroshi Manaka, Naoki Hayashi, Izumi Nagata, Haruhiko Kikuchi

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It is difficult to treat ruptured aneurysms with symptomatic vasospasm. Although direct surgery for such cases is associated with poor outcomes, conservative therapy has the risk of both rerupture and infarction. In two cases of ruptured aneurysms with symptomatic vasospasm, we performed aneurysmal coil embolization with Guglielmi electrodetatchable coils (GDC). At the same time we performed percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) with papaverine infusion. In both cases, rerupture did not occur and PTA was effective angiographically. A good outcome was achieved in case 1. However, broad cerebral infarction occurred in case 2, in which the patient had shown severe symptomatic vasospasm on admission. In advanced cases, such as in case 2, the outcome is poor. The aneurysm may not be able to be approached before PTA because of severe vasospasm. In such cases, PTA must be performed carefully to avoid aneurysmal rerupture. Intraarterial papaverine infusion is safer than PTA for severe spasm in distal vessels. However the efficacy of papaverine is known to be transient in many cases. It is often difficult to determine the exact relationship between branches and the aneurysm in the presence of vasospasm. In such cases, we recommend that the rupture point be packed and that the aneurysmal neck remain unpacked. After vasospasm is cured and good general condition has been recovered, direct surgery can be performed. In summary, endovascular surgery is an effective option for treatment of ruptured aneurysm with symptomatic vasospasm.

ジャーナルNeurological Surgery
出版ステータスPublished - 1999

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