Endovascular treatment of aneurysms on the feeding arteries of intracranial arteriovenous malformations

I. Nakahara, W. Taki, H. Kikuchi, N. Sakai, F. Isaka, H. Oowaki, A. Kondo, K. Iwasaki, S. Nishi

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The association between intracranial aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) is well documented. Recent advances in the understanding of the haemodynamics of this association encourage an aggressive approach to these aneurysms. However, the pathophysiology of these aneurysms is not fully understood and a strategy for their management has not been established. We describe seven patients, with eight aneurysms, on the feeding arteries of AVMs. The aneurysms could be divided into those located 1. proximally on the superficial feeding artery (type I; 4 aneurysms); 2. distally on the superficial feeding artery (type II; 3 aneurysms); and 3. on the deep feeding artery (type III, 1 aneurysm). All aneurysms were treated by the endovascular procedure prior to, or simultaneously with, treatment of the AVM, using detachable coils or liquid embolic material. All aneurysms were obliterated successfully, with no adverse events. Each patient further received treatment of the AVM. None of the patients suffered intracranial haemorrhage after treatment for the aneurysms. Based on our experiences, we discuss the indications for this approach for each type of aneurysm. We believe endovascular treatment could be an important alternative for treatment of aneurysms associated with AVMs, thus reducing the risk of haemorrhage.

出版ステータスPublished - 01-01-1999

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