Evaluation of red blood cell parameters provided by the UF-5000 urine auto-analyzer in patients with glomerulonephritis

Genki Mizuno, Masato Hoshi, Kentaro Nakamoto, Masayo Sakurai, Kazuko Nagashima, Takashi Fujita, Hiroyasu Ito, Tadayoshi Hata

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術論文査読

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The microscopic examination of hematuria, a cardinal symptom of glomerulonephritis (GN), is time-consuming and labor-intensive. As an alternative, the fully automated urine particle analyzer UF-5000 can interpret the morphological information of the glomerular red blood cells (RBCs) using parameters such as UF-5000 small RBCs (UF-%sRBCs) and Lysed-RBCs. Hematuria samples from 203 patients were analyzed using the UF-5000 and blood and urine chemistries to determine the cut-off values of RBC parameters for GN and non-glomerulonephritis (NGN) classification and confirm their sensitivity to the IgA nephropathy and non-IgA nephropathy groups. The UF-%sRBCs and Lysed-RBCs values differed significantly between the GN and NGN groups. The cut-off value of UF-%sRBCs was >56.8% (area under the curve, 0.649; sensitivity, 94.1%; specificity, 38.1%; positive predictive value, 68.3%; and negative predictive value, 82.1%), while that for Lysed-RBC was >4.6/μL (area under the curve, 0.708; sensitivity, 82.4%; specificity, 56.0%; positive predictive value, 72.6%; and negative predictive value, 69.1%). Moreover, there was no significant difference in the sensitivity between the IgA nephropathy and non-IgA nephropathy groups (87.1 and 89.8% for UF-%sRBCs and 83.9 and 78.4% for Lysed-RBCs, respectively). In the NGN group, the cut-off values showed low sensitivity (56.0% for UF-%sRBCs and 44.0% for Lysed-RBCs). The RBC parameters of the UF-5000, specifically UF-%sRBCs and Lysed-RBCs, showed good cut-off values for the diagnosis of GN.

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