Hev b 6.02 is the most important allergen in health care workers sensitized occupationally by natural rubber latex gloves

Akiko Yagami, Kayoko Suzuki, Hirohisa Saito, Kayoko Matsunaga

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Background: Natural rubber latex (NRL) allergy is a common occupational disease in health care workers (HCW). However, few reports have compared the major allergen of HCWs to those in gloves that are routinely used in the hospital. The aim of this study was to evaluate the major NRL allergens in gloves used by HCWs. Methods: We studied 20 HCWs who were suspected to have latex allergy (LA). We performed a skin prick test (SPT) using NRL allergens. Serological testing was performed using the ImmunoCAP™. The total amount of protein and the antigenic protein concentrations extracted from NRL gloves were measured. Four different types of FITkit™ were used to measure the concentrations of Hev b 1, 3, 5, and 6.02 in the gloves. Results: A SPT using NRL extract identified 14 cases with positive reactions. The sensitivity and specificity of the SPT scores to the NRL glove extract were 100%. The sensitivity of latex specific IgE was 100% but the specificity was 14.2%. The sensitivity and specificity of rHev b 6.02 specific IgE were 100% in the LA group. The total amounts of protein from the medical gloves for surgery and examination were 265 μg/g and 95 μg/g, respectively. The antigenic protein concentrations in the gloves were 24.9 μg/g and 1.0 μg/g, respectively. The total amounts of the specific four allergens in the NRL gloves were 2.18 μg/g and 0.45 μg/g, respectively. Conclusions: We concluded that the main allergen of HCWs who have been sensitized occupationally by NRL gloves was Hev b 6.02.

ジャーナルAllergology International
出版物ステータスPublished - 01-01-2009


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