High circulating adiponectin levels predict decreased muscle strength among older adults aged 70 years and over: A prospective cohort study

C. Huang, Y. Tomata, Masako Kakizaki, Y. Sugawara, A. Hozawa, H. Momma, I. Tsuji, R. Nagatomi

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Background and aims: Population-based researches indicate that circulating adiponectin is inversely associated with muscle strength. However, interpretation of the findings has been limited by the use of a cross-sectional design. This study aimed to examine the prospective relationship between baseline circulating adiponectin concentration and change in muscular function-related physical performance in older adults. Methods and results: A 1-year prospective cohort study of Japanese community-dwelling elderly was conducted between 2002 and 2003. Four hundred thirty-four older persons participated in the measurements of physical function, including leg extension power, functional reach, timed up-and-go test, and 10-m maximum walking speed, at baseline and follow-up. After adjustment for potential covariates, higher serum adiponectin concentration was found to be significantly associated with poorer physical performance at baseline (leg extension power [watt], P<0.001; functional reach [cm], P<0.001; log timed up-and-go test, P=0.007; log 10-m maximum walking speed, P<0.001). The results of the prospective analysis by analysis of covariance indicated that the elderly with higher serum adiponectin concentrations (tertiles) at baseline tended to have a decreased performance in leg extension power (means [95% confidence interval]: lowest, -105 [-125, -85.7]; middle, -117 [-135, -97.8]; highest, -140 [-160, -120], watt, P for trend=0.021) and timed up-and-go test (lowest, -0.08 [-0.28, -0.12]; middle, -0.10 [-0.29, 0.10]; highest, 0.28 [0.07, 0.48], s, P for trend=0.019), but not two other functioning. Conclusion: High circulating adiponectin concentration may be an indicator of decreased physical performance, especially muscle strength, in older adults.

ジャーナルNutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases
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