Laboratory and clinical studies on SY5555 for urinary tract infections and prostatitis

Keizo Suzuki, Masaki Horiba, Shinobu Kato, Toshio Fujioka, Koichi Ishiguro, Seiichi Aoki, Yorio Naide, Masanori Yanaoka, Kiyohito Ishikawa, Toshiyuki Tanaka

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A new oral penem antibiotic, SY5555, was administered in the treatment of urinary tract infection and prostatitis. The drug was given at doses of 300∼600 mg a day for 3∼14 days. The clinical efficacy was evaluated by the Japanese UTI Committee criteria in 44 of 58 patients treated. The efficacy was 100% in 24 cases of acute uncomplicated cystitis, and 60%(9 of 15) in chronic complicated UTI. Among 3 cases of acute bacterial prostatitis caused by Escherichia coli, bacteriological eradication was achieved in only one case. In the safety profile, adverse events were noted in 7 cases (12.5%) including mainly digestive disorders such as diarrhea or loose stool. No abnormal values were detected except for slight elevation of γ-GTP in one case.

出版ステータスPublished - 1994

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