Multi-fractionated wide-field radiation therapy for palliation of multiple symptomatic bone metastases from solid tumors

S. Hayashi, H. Hoshi, T. Iida, Y. Kajiura

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Purpose: This was a pilot study to explore the toxicity and response of multi-fractionated wide-field radiation therapy (MF-WFRT) in patients with multiple symptomatic osseous metastases. Patients and Methods: From February 1997 to April 1998, a total of nine patients (5 lung cancer, 3 breast cancer, 1 prostate cancer) were treated with MF-WFRT. The patients received 1.5 Gy per fraction (twice a clay) to a total close of 7 Gy in 3 clays for the upper body and a total dose of 9 Gy in 3 days for the lower body. Ten treatments in nine patients were carried out with this technique (2 upper half-body, 5 lower half-body, 3 mid-body; one patient had both upper mid-body and lower- half body treatments). Results: Pain relief was complete in two patients (20%) and eight (80%) achieved better than 50% pain relief. Seventy-five percent of pain responders achieved pain relief within one week of MF-WFRT. The pain relief was long-lasting and continued without need of reirradiation for 45% of the remainder of the patients' lives. The incidence of gastrointestinal complications was low, basically Grade 1-2 toxicity. Four patients (40%) experienced Grade 3-4 hematological toxicity. Hematological toxicity was treated with blood transfusion or G-CSF. General tolerance was excellent, and no pneumonitis or radiation-related deaths occurred. Conclusion: This treatment modality appears to be well tolerated and effective. The optimal indications, dose, and fractionation for MF-WFRT should be further explored in randomized studies.

ジャーナルRadiation Medicine - Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology
出版ステータスPublished - 01-12-1999

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