Predictive factors for outcomes of half-dose photodynamic therapy combined with aflibercept for pachychoroid neovasculopathy

Jun Takeuchi, Hikaru Ota, Yuyako Nakano, Etsuyo Horiguchi, Yosuke Taki, Yasuki Ito, Hiroko Terasaki, Koji M. Nishiguchi, Keiko Kataoka

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Purpose: To assess the effects of half-dose photodynamic therapy (PDT) combined with an intravitreous aflibercept (IVA) injection for pachychoroid neovasculopathy (PNV) and its predictive factors. Methods: Clinical information of 43 patients (43 eyes) with PNV obtained before and 6 months after treatment with half-dose PDT combined with IVA was retrospectively analyzed. Patients were categorized into the sufficient (25 eyes, 58.1%) or insufficient (18 eyes, 41.9%) group based on resolution or persistence/recurrence of subretinal fluid (SRF), respectively, and clinical data were compared. Macular neovascularization (MNV) change was studied in 30 cases with available pre- and post-treatment optical coherence tomography angiography images. Results: The sufficient group included younger patients with better baseline best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), more treatment-naïve eyes, and smaller MNV lesions at baseline than the insufficient group (all, P < 0.047). Complete SRF resolution was 81.8% in treatment-naïve eyes and only 33.3% in previously treated eyes. MNV expanded after half-dose PDT was combined with IVA regardless of the treatment outcome (P = 0.003). Conclusion: Half-dose PDT combined with IVA was effective for PNV treatment, especially for younger patients with good baseline BCVA, treatment-naïve eyes, and small MNV sizes at baseline. MNV expanded after treatment regardless of the treatment outcomes.

ジャーナルGraefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
出版ステータス出版済み - 08-2023

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