SU‐E‐T‐12: Clinical Implementation of the Dedicated Program for MU Calculation in Proton Beam Therapy

N. Hayashi, Y. Adachi, H. Kato

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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to develop the dedicated in‐house program for calculation of the monitor unit (MU) of proton therapy beam and to verify the feasibility of its clinical implementation in proton beam therapy with a combination of range modulation wheel (RMW).Materials and Methods: The MU calculation for the proton beam was suggested by Dr.Sahoo in 2008 and given by the formalism using the multiplication of several factors with regard to the structure of the proton beam system. Following his theory, we implemented eight factors into the formalism for MU calculation as follows: Relative output factor (ROF), Spread‐out Bragg peak factor (SOBPF), Range shifter factor (RSF), SOBP off‐center factor (SOBPOCF), Off‐center ratio (OCR), Field size factor (FSF), Inverse square factor (ISF), and Compensator and patient scatter factor (CPSF). Our program was built by Microsoft Visual Basic language. The MU could be calculated by division of the prescribed dose with (d/MU). After building the program, the calculated doses by the formalism were compared with the measured dose. Results: The (d/MU) was calculated by the multiplication using eight factors by use of our program. Once the energy and the settings were input to the program, these factors were estimated from the measurement data. Then MU calculation was done immediately. It was simply and satisfactory fast for the user to complete calculating (d/MU). As the results of the comparison between the measured and calculated doses, the discrepancies in all referential settings were within 2%. Conclusions: The in‐house program provides the fast MU calculation for proton beams. The accuracy of the dose calculation is good in the referential settings. However, further improvement is required for the complicated condition.

ジャーナルMedical Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 06-2013

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  • 生物理学
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