Synthetic Detergents and Liquid Soap

Chikako Ukei, Ritsuko Hayakawa, Kayoko Matsunaga, Kumiko Ohiwa

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In the recent years, synthetic detergents (SD) had been under discussion about the relation to the enviromental pollution, safety for the human body and hand dermatitis. Therefore in Tsushima city, a trial of using liquid soap (LS) instead of SD was attempted in the city hospital and school meals cooks. We were entrusted its propriety. In order to examine the difference in skin hazard between SD and LS, we carried out medical examinations of cooks� hand conditions and patch test with SD and LS in human and mouse. And we investigated about the main causes of hand dermatitis with the patients suffered from hand dermatitis and visited our clinic. Results were as following : About hazardous influences to the hand skin of cooks, there was not any significant difference between SD and LS. In patch test, there was the significant difference among the products, but no significant difference between the classification of SD and LS. The protective gloves or creams did not show any benefit in the hand dermatitis. The severity of hand dermatitis was related to the past histories with or without contact dermatitis. In the physiological examinations, only the reduction of the skin surface water content of the palm was related to the severity of hand dermatitis. The eruptions were occured most frequently on finger tips where the physical irritants were affected most strongly. In cold water tolerance test, the patients’ recovery times of skin surface temperature were prolonged. We assumed the main causes of hand dermatitis were one s constitution and physical irritants, and the detergents were subsidiary factors.

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出版ステータスPublished - 01-01-1984

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