The effects of oral melatonin on the autonomic function in healthy subjects

Tsuyoshi Kitajima, Takashi Kanbayashi, Yasushi Saitoh, Yuriko Ogawa, Tomonari Sugiyama, Yoshihiko Kaneko, Yoshiko Sasaki, Rika Aizawa, Tetsuo Shimisu

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We investigated the influence of melatonin on the human autonomic functions by measuring muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA). Five healthy male volunteers took 3 mg of melatonin, and their plasma melatonin concentration, blood pressure, heart rate, and burst rate of MSNA were then recorded. The peak level of melatonin concentration showed a marked interindividual variation. Blood pressure was reduced significantly, while heart rate and burst rate of MSNA did not change significantly. These results indicate that melatonin has a hypotensive effect on blood pressure, and the central cardiovascular regulatory mechanism such as lowering of the baroreflex setpoint would be involved in the effect.

ジャーナルPsychiatry and clinical neurosciences
出版物ステータスPublished - 07-07-2001


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Kitajima, T., Kanbayashi, T., Saitoh, Y., Ogawa, Y., Sugiyama, T., Kaneko, Y., Sasaki, Y., Aizawa, R., & Shimisu, T. (2001). The effects of oral melatonin on the autonomic function in healthy subjects. Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences, 55(3), 299-300.