Ultra-high-resolution computed tomography angiography for assessment of coronary artery stenosis

Sadako Motoyama, Hajime Ito, Masayoshi Sarai, Yasuomi Nagahara, Keiichi Miyajima, Ryota Matsumoto, Yujiro Doi, Yumi Kataoka, Hiroshi Takahashi, Yukio Ozaki, Hiroshi Toyama, Kazuhiro Katada

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術論文査読

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Background: Limitations of coronary computed tomography (CTA) include false-positive stenosis at calcified lesions and assessment of in-stent patency. A prototype of ultra-high resolution computed tomography (U-HRCT: 1,792 channels and 0.25-mm slice thickness×128 rows) with improved spatial resolution was developed. We assessed the diagnostic accuracy of coronary artery stenosis using U-HRCT. Methods and Results: Seventy-nine consecutive patients who underwent CTA using U-HRCT were prospectively included. Coronary artery stenosis was graded from 0 (no plaque) to 5 (occlusion). Stenosis grading at 102 calcified lesions was compared between U-HRCT and conventional-resolution CT (CRCT: 896 channels and 0.5-mm slice thickness×320 rows). Median stenosis grading at calcified plaque was significantly improved on U-HRCT compared with CRCT (1; IQR, 1–2 vs. 2; IQR, 1–3, P<0.0001). Assessability of in-stent lumen was evaluated on U-HRCT in 79 stents. Stent strut thickness and luminal diameter were quantitatively compared between U-HRCT and CRCT. Of 79 stents, 83.5% were assessable on U-HRCT; 80% of stents with diameter 2.5 mm were regarded as assessable. On U-HRCT, stent struts were significantly thinner (median, 0.78 mm; IQR, 0.7–0.83 mm vs. 0.83 mm; IQR, 0.75–0.92 mm, P=0.0036), and in-stent lumens were significantly larger (median, 2.08 mm; IQR, 1.55–2.51 mm vs. 1.74 mm; IQR, 1.31–2.06 mm, P<0.0001) than on CRCT. Conclusions: U-HRCT with improved spatial resolution visualized calcified lesions with fewer artifacts. The in-stent lumen of stents with diameter ≥2.5 mm was assessable on U-HRCT.

ジャーナルCirculation Journal
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